VIDAS (sounds like for BIDA or BIDAS in a Filipino context), which means the main character of the story that turns to be a hero or the good guy.  The logo is the very first of things that a company needs because you need a symbol that represents your business - that’s why we called them “identity.” This validates the statement that logos are sacred; logos embody your soul, portray your character, carries the client’s goal and vision that transcends to the audience.

As a logo design studio, we are following principles that are essential in producing a good and effective logo for our client. Before the TA-DA, here are the TO-DOs.

So what makes the logo become VIDAS...

An effective logo must be able to work across a variety of platforms and applications. From the digital application to printed material. From the website and mobile app to a company brochure and merchandise. The logo must be scalable enough to make it look good from the biggest to the smallest size. Some logos have a responsive version to cater to the increasing sizes of platforms or devices.

The logo should manifest a great effect on the audience as well as to the client. It affects how we feel towards the brand, like promoting a positive ambiance and optimism. And a good logo with great impact tells a story - the story will encourage the audience to immerse and engage with the brand.

The logo can distinguish itself from others or their competitors. It must possess characteristics that will inherit from the appropriate use of different things. Some of the logos may use a trick and optical illusion to make the logo more distinct. That’s where the magic happens.

The logo should be designed for the intended use —  this is where we consider and challenge the context of use. A good logo comes with scientific and technical details that define its appropriateness, which explains everything in the form of documentation. The logo must be aligned with the client objectives.

Remember “KISS”? Good logo design is easy to recognize, whether it’s a symbol or icon and legible and readable for logotype or wordmark. The simplicity doesn’t limit the audience to have a high-level idea or a clue about what brand is. If you want to know if your logo is simple, you can draw it with just fewer lines or shapes.

That’s why the logo must come at a fair (if not hefty) price because it involves deep visual thinking, creative maneuver, design research, and a lot of processes to produce a Simple yet Impactful logo with a Distinctive look that is both Appropriate and Versatile. That’s what makes the logos VIDAS.

A good design studio creates a good logo design. Do you have any logo or branding needs? Hit “reply” or email us “ and let me know.

Here’s the compilation of our logos.

Or don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with building your identity.